BIARO experiment

QND measurements and squeezing in a cavity


Name Position
Alain Aspect Directeur de recherche CNRS, Atom Optics group leader
Philippe Bouyer Directeur de recherche CNRS
Arnaud Landragin Directeur de recherche CNRS
Andrea Bertoldi Postdoc, Marie Curie fellowship
Ralf Kohlhaas Ph.D. student
Etienne Cantin M2 student


Past members

Name Position
Michael Chong Master 2 from University of Bologna - I
Thomas Vanderbruggen Ph.D. student (now at ICFO, Barcelona - E)
Simon Bernon Ph.D. student (now at Univ. Tübingen - D)
Dorian Grosso Stage 1st year
Remi Geiger Undergraduate student (not at ICE experiment, Palaiseau - F)
Thierry Botter Undergraduate student (now at Berkeley - US)


  • BEC in the cavity
  • 25 Mars 2011

  • Light-shift tomography of higher modes
  • May 2010

  • QND signal of the MOT
  • March 2010

  • Atoms in TEM10 and TEM20 modes
  • 3 September 2009

  • Atoms in the dipole trap
  • 7 August 2009

  • Fibered Laser @ 1560 nm locked to the cavity
  • May 2009